How they got here can be debated.

That they’re still here can’t.

To stand the test of time, you need to build with quality. But to keep working as intended, you also need to take care.

Bromma spreaders are an investment in uptime.

And to maximize your return on this investment, we offer after- sales service and expertise for every stage of your spreaders lifecycle. It’s the key to minimising downtime and replacements. And that means a smoother operation and better profitability in the long run.

Supporting you at every step

Bromma can support every need over the lifetime of the spreader, from evaluation to refurbishment, upgrading and replacement. Through quality, expertise, presence and dedication, we eliminate costly downtime and secure smooth, highly productive operations.


Downtime is the container handling industry’s number one enemy, and a significant proportion of crane standstills are spreader related. Knowledge is the most powerful weapon in the war against downtime. After all, it’s always better to anticipate and prevent problems than to fix them.

A Fleet Evaluation performed by Bromma’s expert field service engineers give you a clear picture of the condition of your spreader fleet and a list of recommended actions, enabling you to identify issues before they become problems and saving significant hassle and expense down the line. You will always know what needs to be done, and you can plan for maintenance, replacement or refurbishment at the right time.

You will receive a comprehensive report that details the condition of your spreaders, on an item-by-item basis, and recommendations for cost-effective repairs where needed. The evaluation includes a thorough review of the steel structure and mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems.

Fleet Evaluations are a highly effective way to ensure smooth day-to-day operations with no unexpected interruptions. They can be carried out ad hoc or on a scheduled basis according to your needs. Contact us to discover what a Bromma Fleet Evaluation could do for your peace of mind and bottom line.


Refurbishment can add several years to the lifetime of a spreader and may be a sound economic decision in some cases. However, it is important to bear in mind that the viability of refurbishment is affected by many different factors. And while components and systems can be returned to factory specifications, it is not possible to undo wear and fatigue of the steel structure, which is the main limitation in most refurbishment scenarios.

Where refurbishment is indicated, the work should always be carried out by an expert partner. Bromma has unmatched spreader knowledge and experience. We have the capabilities to bring your spreader back up to the highest possible level of performance. And, most importantly, we can determine whether a refurbishment is likely to yield your desired return on investment.

A refurbishment project begins with a thorough inspection of the spreader structure, sub-systems and components. Typical areas for refurbishment include electrical and hydraulic components, end beams, flipper arms, twistlocks, telescopic chains and sliding pads.

Curious about the economics of refurbishment? We will give you the full picture.


Bromma is committed to continuous innovation, and we want all our customers to benefit. That’s why we offer performance upgrades for older spreaders, adding new functionality that can lift performance and productivity. The benefits are clear – even small increases in handling efficiency and uptime can result in significant financial gains.

Bromma spreaders can be retrofitted with technology that is especially beneficial for use with high-speed cranes. Retrofit products include CANopen serial crane communication, HIS (Height Indication System), LED indicator lamps, SCS (Spreader Control System), TTDS (Twin-Twenty Detection System) and Load Sensing.

Your existing fleet can do more than you expect. Contact us to discover unexpected potential.


There is an optimum time to replace every spreader, but this differs according to usage. It might seem logical to prolong service life for as long as possible, but that is not always the most economical approach. Over-utilization of a spreader can lead to reduced productivity, increased repair and maintenance costs, expensive downtime and under-utilization of the next spreader.

The key to getting maximum return on investment from every spreader lies in understanding the pattern of usage and knowing when it no longer makes financial sense to keep a spreader in operation.

Bromma has put considerable resources into investigating this question. We understand how spreader usage affects wear, and we are committed to providing you with insight that will help you make sound investment decisions.

Wondering whether the time is right to replace a spreader? Contact us and get the definitive answer for your operation.

A firm grip on the future

No terminal can afford to stand still, and an effective spreader strategy is essential to keep things moving. The key is to take the right steps at the right time – knowing when to replace, repair or refurbish, and how to plan maintenance. Where is your spreader in it's life cycle? Make your own calculation below.


What kind of spreader do you have?


How many moves does your spreader do per year?


What’s the age of your spreader?

Your result

Spare parts & software to keep you ahead

Your purchase of a Bromma spreader is just the start of a relationship for long-term success and competitive edge. We offer everything you need to stay productive, boost performance and future-proof your business.

Bromma genuine spare parts keep your spreader at the same uncompromising level of performance. They are made to withstand constant punishment in the harshest conditions, from corrosive environments to extremes of temperature and humidity. Simply put, if it’s not a Bromma part, it’s not built for the job.

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Productivity software

The power to turn data into insight is an important success factor for future cargo handling operations is. Green Zone™ is a future-focused suite of terminal productivity tools that help you prioritize maintenance and anticipate problems early, building on Bromma’s understanding, experience and innovation.

  • Fleet Doctor:

    Fleet Doctor™ is a tool for continuously monitoring spreader operating functions to detect decreasing performance, enabling your technicians to identify and resolve issues faster.

  • Roadmap:

    Roadmap™ lets you map fault history and KPIs to anticipate risks and identify the main causes of downtime or underperformance in your fleet.

  • Work Order:

    Work Order™ makes it simple to plan daily service assignments based on actual spreader usage rather than time intervals, with the possibility to order spare parts automatically based on maintenance plans.