Master Thesis Project

Bromma is looking for a Master Thesis student to study the influence of weld quality and choice of fatigue strength assessment methodologies on the fatigue strength of welded joints.

Research background

Lightweight structures reduce the environmental impact by decreased fuel consumption, material usage, and production resources used. A known and possibly reduced variation in the entire value stream will increase the control of safety margins hence enabling reduced lead-time and increased flexibility. The introduction of lightweight structures is connected to the possibility to use high strength steel (HSS). High quality requirements on welded joints are seldom used which limit the introduction of more HSS material hence welded components are more than 20 % heavier than what is possible. A large contributor of the slow introduction of HSS is due to the large scatter in the production process and applicability of suitable fatigue strength assessment methodologies. This results in variation in the factors that affect the fatigue strength. With a reduced scatter in production, load estimation, and choice of assessment method a better utilization of HSS is possible with the great potential of lightweight structures.

The master thesis student will work on these topics:

  1. Design a test specimen representing a component in spreaders. Develop fatigue-testing program and define testing loads.
  2. Do literature survey and collect experimental data for welds tested in low and medium cycle fatigue regime.
  3. Perform fatigue strength analysis by the aid of finite element analysis on the designed test specimens and those available in the literature using notch stress and notch strain approaches and compare results with testing.
  4. Apply the methodologies above to evaluate fatigue strength of welded joints in spreaders as a function of weld quality.

Background and additional conditions:

  • Suitable background would be MSc in: Engineering mechanics, solid mechanics, lightweight structures/naval architecture, material science, production engineering, welding engineering, mechanical engineering.
  • The work will be carried out in Cargotec Sweden AB Bromma Conquip and KTH-Royal Institute of Technology (within weld mechanics group lead by professor Zuheir Barsoum). The candidate will be based at KTH Department of Aeronautical & Vehicle Engineering where most of the work will be carried out.
  • The company will provide compensation for the thesis work.
  • Thesis will be supervised by Dr.Mansoor Khurshid and Professor Zuheir Barsoum

Please submit your application to Dr.Mansoor Khurshid,

Job Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Contact persons at Bromma

Dr.Mansoor Khurshid, 


Mobile: +46 706200914


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