PLUS Hydraulic Power Pack

To reduce noise and conserve energy, the power pack goes into standby mode when the spreader idles, e.g. while trollying in a container cycle. During this time the electric motor runs at low speed, the system pressure is maintained at 22 bar and pump displacement is at minimum. The PLUS Hydraulic Power Pack is available as an option for the standard Bromma SSX40/45, STR40/45, STS45, YSX40/45, YTR40/45, and YTS45.


The PLUS Hydraulic Power Pack is a new power pack compatible with the Bromma standard power pack for crane spreaders. The main advantages of the PLUS Hydraulic Power Pack is the smaller tank, consumes less energy and the lower noise emission when idling, in comparison to the standard power pack. By being able to switch to standby mode when the spreader is idle, the energy consumption is estimated to be reduced up to 40% compared to a constantly running hydraulic power pack.


The following options are available for the PLUS Hydraulic Power Pack:
• Oil heater and drain ball valve for the hydraulic tank
• Electrical clogging indicators for filters
• Painted steel and stainless steel for hydraulic tank materials

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