A step towards sustainable terminals – Bromma launches new all-electric ship-to-shore spreader

Meet our new all-electric twin separating STS spreader aiming to help terminals achieve their environmental goals and boost productivity, efficiency and flexibility. 

The STS45E G2 PLUS, which is designed to be silent when operated, offers a 90% reduction in spreader power consumption while eliminating the risks of hydraulic oil leakage.  With the new Bromma all-electric spreader you can: 

  • Meet environmental goals without compromising on terminal’s productivity. With one unit, our customers can save up to 16 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. This means that if all the STS spreaders in the world were all-electric, the resulting saving would be more than 115,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. 
  • Decrease energy consumption up to 90% and save on operating costs.  The considerable energy reductions add up to 40 000 USD of lifetime cost savings.
  • Get quieter operations – Our all-electric spreader doesn’t have a continuously running hydraulic powerpack. That’s why it is optimal to use it in terminals with nearby residential or commercial communities.
  • Eliminate the risks of hydraulic oil leaks

There are many other operational benefits, which you can find out about by watching the virtual launch recording


Want to learn more?

Contact your local Bromma sales representative to get the detailed information. 
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