Bromma Wear Parts Kit – Service Made Easy

To keep your spreader running optimally we have designed a series of spare parts kits we are calling Bromma Wear Parts Kits .

Each kit has been tailored for different specification of STS45 spreaders. These kits will make preventative maintenance tasks quicker and easier as each kit has everything you need to address standard wear and tear issues.


Easy to order

Saves time & money

Only Bromma Genuine Spare Parts

Global and fast delivery 

About the kit

Instead of having to work out which parts you need and buying them individually, we have put everything you need together into our great value Bromma Wear Parts Kits, which will save you time and money –  you can get at least 15% savings when buying the kit compared to individual components.

Each kit contains only Bromma Genuine Parts so you know you are getting only the best quality spare parts. The kits are designed for use at every 200,000 moves. 

Please note that wear & tear items for other service intervals should be bought separately. 

What does the kit include?


Bromma Wear Parts Kits are designed for the spreaders of standard specification. The kits do not include wear parts if your spreaders are e.g. equipped with Bromma Twistlock Load Sensing System or have other modifications. Below you can download the kits content to see what’s included.


Order Bromma Wear Parts Kit

You can order Bromma Wear Parts kit by contacting us via