Gain Real-Time Control Over Your Spreader Fleet with Bromma Spreader Monitoring System

Bromma Spreader Monitoring System is the ultimate solution for spreader fleet owners seeking to maximize efficiency and reduce downtime. With over 800 recommended solutions, this real-time monitoring tool enables fact-based decision making around the use of your spreaders. It detects, understands, prevents, and resolves potential issues before they become real problems, allowing you to prioritize maintenance needs and improve productivity at your terminal.

Get proactive

Knowing the spreader health allows you to address issues before they become real problems. SMS provides you with real-time status of every spreader in your fleet.


Know where to direct your efforts

SMS points you to the machine that needs your help and helps you to pinpoint the root cause. Troubleshooting module contains recommended solutions to more than 800spreader issues.

Plan smarter maintenance

With SMS you can base the maintenance on the utilization of the machine and keep track of the status. The performance module allows you to see trends for entire your fleet and for single machines.

Top Reasons to Select Bromma Spreader Monitoring System

Spreader Health Overview

Rather than driving to the crane-mounted spreader and first looking for the problem, your service technicians now know what they need to do before they even leave for the site of the crane spreader.

Full troubleshooting

Get a laserlike focus to what needs to be done, and when. Packaged information on issues and recommended solutions. This system is like a good alarm clock and designed to strengthen your day-to-day maintenance planning.

Maintenance planning

Full overview of planned maintenance, including utilization based scheduling, as well as the possibility to tailor maintenance to your terminal needs.

Maximize uptime

Get statistics on performance and issues to fine tune the long-term spreader fleet usage. The system maps past spreader fault areas and spreader KPIs to identify “risk areas” for spreader downtime or underperformance.

Bromma SMS API – no need for a separate screen 

Starting from 2022, Bromma SMS users can get spreader health status and maintenance plans without needing to log in to the system separately – they can Integrate the most important features of Bromma SMS directly into their asset management or maintenance planning systems while utilizing the SMS functionality for advanced troubleshooting and issue resolution.

What our customers are saying

Bromma SMS – timesaver for CSP Iberian Valencia Terminal

With the introduction of Bromma SMS, CSPV have improved daily routines and approach to spreader maintenance. When terminal used to take profit of 24/7 service records, CSPV can today get direct feedback from Bromma SMS and update plans the day ahead.

CSP Iberian Valencia Terminal

Everything at a glance with Bromma SMS for ABP Humber 

We started to use Bromma SMS  in November 2021 and have only good experience so far. The support from the Bromma team was excellent and helped us to understand the system’s functionality and potential quickly. SMS is intuitive and easy to use. We can now see what is going on with each spreader and what the maintenance needs are. Previously we were blind to this and had to rely on manual analysis. The easy, direct access to the hour counts and moves will save us a lot of time

ABP Humber

Download Cloud Security for Bromma SMS – White Paper

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