With the new Bromma Spreader Monitoring System you get a single view for all spreaders in your fleet, laserlike focus on what needs to be done and when, it helps you identify decelerating performance and focus preventive service on weak links in order to strengthen the chain. In addition, the system provides statistics on performance and issues to fine tune your spreader fleet usage and dynamic service intervals.

Seeing is believing.

Bromma SMS

Spreader Monitoring System


Spreader health overview

Get an instant single view of the health condition of every spreader in your fleet. Rather than driving to the crane-mounted spreader and first looking for the problem, your service technicians now know what they need to do before they even leave for the site of the crane spreader.

Put first things first

Prioritizing is so important. Bromma Spreader Monitoring System brings a laserlike focus to what needs to be done, and when. Packaged information on issues and recommended solutions. This system is like a good alarm clock and designed to strengthen your day- to-day maintenance planning.

Predictable spreader operations

Identify decelerating performance and focus preventive service on weak links in order to strengthen the chain. The system continuously monitors the operating functions of the spreaders to detect decelerating performance – thereby helping you to understand and resolve potential issues before they become real problems. And your maintenance service intervals – totally dynamic.

Maximize uptime

Get statistics on performance and issues to fine tune the long-term spreader fleet usage. The system maps past spreader fault areas and spreader KPIs to identify “risk areas” for spreader downtime or underperformance. You can focus on the future by better understanding the past and be as strategic as possible in your allocation of maintenance department resources.

Spreader Health in Real Time

Avoid The Spreader Butterfly Effect

If your spreader fails, so will your crane. Then ships will be delayed in berth, and soon vessels will begin to queue up outside the terminal. In worst case, your customers’ goods will be delayed to its destination.

This “butterfly effect” of unfortunate events can be avoided by investing in the Bromma Spreader Monitoring System.


Everything At A Glance

Simple to use and accessible with any device.

Data Security


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