Successful container operations worldwide trust Bromma spreaders to deliver high productivity.

However, purchasing the best equipment is just one part of the performance equation. To maximize return on investment, it is essential to take the right steps throughout the lifecycle of the spreader. Bromma is your partner in productivity. Our insight and experience will guide you to more effective spreader usage and better long-term profitability.

Certified Bromma field service engineers are based in Europe, Scandinavia, Middle East, Asia, and the Americas. Highly knowledgeable and skilled at trouble-shooting, Bromma Field Service Engineers (FSE) deliver a level of field support unmatched in the industry. Bromma FSE’s can also perform preventive maintenance on a planned basis, with the frequency of scheduled maintenance linked to the number of lift cycles the equipment performs.

Spreader Inspection

Spreader inspection involves a thorough review of the spreader’s mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical systems, as well as the frame structure.

Spreader inspection is performed by Bromma field Service Engineers. Following evaluation, customers receive a report that reviews, on an item-by-item basis, the condition of spreaders in your fleet, as well as suggesting cost-effective recommendations for repair when needed. Spreader inspection is a way to identify potential problems before they become real problems. The investment in regular fleet evaluation gives a return of the investment through increased spreader uptime and extended spreader life.

Scheduled Preventive Maintenance

In certain cases, preventive maintenance can be outsourced to Bromma Field Service engineers and performed on an agreed scheduled basis. The frequency of spreader servicing is linked to the number of lift cycles the equipment performs over a particular period of time.

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