Bromma Services

Bromma services can support every need over the lifetime of the spreader


For more than 50 years container operations worldwide trust Bromma spreaders to deliver high productivity. However, purchasing the best equipment is just one part of the performance equation. In order to maximize return on investment, it is essential to take the right steps throughout the lifecycle of the spreader. To secure highly productive operations Bromma provides you with the range of services.  – from spreader evaluation to refurbishment, upgrading and replacement. With Bromma quality, expertise, presence and dedication, we eliminate costly downtime and make sure that your operations are safe, productive and efficient.

Downtime is the container handling industry’s number one enemy, and a significant proportion of crane standstills are spreader related.

Knowledge is the most powerful weapon in the war against downtime. Spreader inspection involves a thorough review of the spreader’s mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical systems, as well as the frame structure.

Bromma is committed to continuous innovation, and we want all our customers to benefit. That’s why we offer performance upgrades for older spreaders, adding new functionality that can lift performance and productivity. Retrofit products include CANopen serial crane communication, HIS (Height Indication System), LED indicator lamps, SCS (Spreader Control System), TTDS (Twin-Twenty Detection System) and Load Sensing among many others.

There is an optimum time to replace every spreader, but this differs according to usage. It might seem logical to prolong service life for as long as possible, but that is not always the most economical approach. Over-utilization of a spreader can lead to reduced productivity, increased repair and maintenance costs, expensive downtime and under-utilization of the next spreader.

Bromma genuine spare parts keep your spreader at the same uncompromising level of performance. They are made to withstand constant punishment in the harshest conditions, from corrosive environments to extremes of temperature and humidity. Simply put, if it’s not a Bromma part, it’s not built for the job. 

To make it even easier, you  can now order Bromma Genuine Spare Parts online via BrommaParts webshop.