PLUS Energy Saver

Cut CO2 emissions in half with

PLUS Energy Saver

Deciding to transition to an all-electric spreader fleet can take time. But with the PLUS Energy Saver installed on your hydraulic spreader fleet, you can immediately start reaching your sustainability goals.

PLUS Energy Saver is an improved version of a Bromma Standard Powerpack for crane spreaders.  This efficient solution can decrease hydraulic spreader energy consumption by 50%. PLUS Energy Saver is available for most hydraulic spreader models as an option and as a retrofit. 

50% less energy consumption

Hydraulic spreaders equipped with PLUS Energy Saver consume up to 50% less energy when compared to spreaders equipped with Standard Powerpack. 

Low noise emission

PLUS Energy Saver produces no noise when the spreader is in standby mode and decreases noise emission when the spreader is in operation.

Reduced CO2 emissions

Upgrading spreader fleet with PLUS Energy Saver provides you an instant opportunity to decrease CO2 emissions from
hydraulic spreader operations  – without the need to invest in a completely new spreader fleet.

Energy Saving


This graph compares the energy consumption of the Bromma STS45 spreader equipped with Standard Powerpack and with PLUS Energy Saver. For the comparison a high intensity use cycle of 30 moves per hour is considered. The analysis includes energy consumption during all spreader operational activities (telescoping, twin separation, flipper up/down, lock/ unlock and standby). A lower intensity use cycle would typically result in higher savings.

*Based on a standard 50Hz crane power supply

Interested in upgrading your hydraulic spreader fleet with PLUS Energy Saver?

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