CSP Iberian Valencia Terminal improves spreaders productivity with Bromma SMS

Bromma SMS has changed daily routines at CSP Iberian Valencia Terminal. With the help of Bromma SMS CSPV receives valuable detailed information on any spreader problem including recommendations on what to do to rectify the problem. This saves a lot of time for the maintenance staff and improves overall productivity.

Expert opinion: how to plan a successful spreader preventive maintenance program

To run a successful preventive maintenance means not only to minimize the risks but also to reduce unexpected costs. We have asked Bromma’s Field Service Coordinator how to plan a successful preventive maintenance for Bromma spreaders and what to consider.

Ease-of-access and higher serviceability with Bromma spreaders

Improved ease-of-access and purpose-designed Bromma spare parts – this is what higher spreader availability means to us

Bromma factory producing at full capacity at Ipoh, Malaysia

We are happy to announce that Bromma has as of April 29 received official notification from the Malaysian authorities that we are allowed to further increase our operations.

Bromma to resume its operations at Ipoh, Malaysia

This permission which is granted by the Malaysian Ministry of International Trade and Industry allows Bromma to produce at limited capacity during the earlier announced Movement Control Order (MCO).

Bromma support during COVID-19 outbreak

Bromma has taken several mitigating activities in order to support our partners business during these difficult times. It is important for all of us to continue working together.

Bromma introduces SCS-Modular spreader control system

SCS-Modular is a spreader control system, which allows customers to choose and include additional spreader functionalities.

Bromma releases certified weighing system for reachstackers

Accurately and reliably measure the weight with Bromma Weighing System.

The great traction continues for Bromma

Significant growth was seen in both sales and order intake for Bromma in the first half of 2019 compared to the corresponding period in 2018.

Bromma PLUS – When the expectations are a little bit more

Brommas new spreader line Bromma Plus is introduced at TOC Europe in Rotterdam

What if you could know the health condition of every spreader in your fleet, in real time?

Now you can …

The Ideal Automation Spreader

YSX40E YSX45E spreaderBromma delivered the spreaders to the world’s first yard crane automation projects in the 1990s, and have since continued to lead the way in automation friendly spreaders and software. Let us now introduce – YSX45E PLUS

Performance Upgrades for older spreaders

Our continuous commitment to innovation means we offer performance upgrades for older spreaders to lift performance and productivity.

Get The View From The Hawks Eye

Hawkeye Camera PlatformBromma introduces Hawkeye – a platform of different kinds of camera configurations prepared and validated for different applications and for installation on all kinds of spreaders. The cameras generate video streams that can be used as is on an operator display.

A Tradition of Innovation

Bromma is the industry’s most experienced spreader manufacturer, known worldwide for crane spreaders of exceptional reliability.


We have delivered spreaders to more than 500 terminals in 90 countries.

14 000 crane spreaders and rotators have been put into service since the 1960's.

Today, Bromma manufactures close to 2 000 spreaders of all types per year.