Introducing an all-electric ship-to-shore spreader.

The new era of sustainable terminals

Bromma’s new all-electric ship-to-shore spreader is designed to support terminals in two major ways. It helps them to achieve their environmental goals and to boost productivity, efficiency and flexibility in all operations.

Our all-electric STS spreader is the fastest one in the market and silent when operated. In addition to enhanced user experience, terminals can cut 90% of their electricity consumption with our product. This helps you to save on operational costs and avoid risks related to hydraulic oil leaks.

We have received a lot of additional questions regarding this new product. Please download Q&A by clicking on the link below.

Meet your environmental goals while achieving commercial objectives

The STS45E G2 PLUS all-electric spreader combines an environmentally advanced solution with high productivity. It can handle a variety of containers thanks to its advanced design that meets the highest specifications. Not to mention, the new all-electric spreader is the fastest in the market. Our spreader easily achieves accurate positioning when telescoping due to increased telescoping and twin separating speed.

Decrease energy consumption up to 90% and save on operating costs

Eliminating spreader hydraulics reduces spreader power consumption up to 90% and eliminates the risks related to hydraulic oil leakage. When comparing an all-electric STS spreader to its hydraulic alternative, it consumes less energy during its operation. When idling, it consumes almost no energy at all. The considerable energy reductions add up to 40 000 USD of lifetime cost savings.

Get quieter operations

The STS45E G2 PLUS has another significant advantage: it is quiet. Our all-electric spreader doesn’t have a continuously running hydraulic powerpack. That’s why it is optimal to use it in terminals with nearby residential or commercial communities. If a terminal requires noise abatement, Bromma’s all-electric STS spreader is your best bet.

Eliminate the risks related to hydraulic oil leaks

Despite the many advancements in the field of hydraulic systems, oil leaks still occur. These events can disturb terminal operations and become quite costly. Hydraulics is removed from all-electric STS spreaders thus the possibility of hydraulic oil leaks is eliminated.

Make a decision that has an impact and invest in all-electric Bromma spreaders! Operating with our spreaders can drastically reduce your electricity costs and carbon footprint. With just one all-electric STS spreader, you can save up to 6 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

See the impact for yourself!

50 spreaders in operation

Tonnes CO2 emissions saved


Trips around the globe with a Volvo V90 T5

Long Beach Container Terminal, the greenest and most advanced terminal in the US, has already equipped its ship-to-shore cranes with the new Bromma spreaders. Watch a video below to hear about their experience or download a customer case card.