About Us

Bromma is the industry’s most experienced spreader manufacturer, known worldwide for crane spreaders of exceptional reliability.

In all, more than 14,000 crane spreaders and rotators have been put into service since the 1960’s. More than 9,000 of these are in operation today around the globe. Bromma has delivered spreaders to more than 500 terminals in over 90 countries in 6 continents. Today, Bromma manufactures close to 2,000 spreaders of all types per year. In fact, anywhere you go, if you work where containers are transported, you’re likely to see a Bromma spreader in action.

Bromma is the technical  leader in our industry, having developed the first telescopic spreader, the first twin-twenty spreader, the first 45 foot spreader, and the first all-electric spreader line. Bromma’s testing, manufacturing, and service systems are also first-rate. Our finite element modeling software allow us to study, model and analyze stresses within the spreader so we know how it is going to handle accumulated fatigue – how it is going to hold up under year-after-year of punishing service. Likewise, prior to delivery, every spreader undergoes extensive testing of functions such as twistlocks, flipper arms and telescopic movements.

With our extensive network of offices and partners around the world, no one supports spreaders like Bromma. Bromma’s total quality management program has resulted in Bromma  factory being awarded ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and ISO3834 certification – the first spreader manufacturer to be so recognized. Cutting edge technology is only one reason why customers choose Bromma.

Just as important as our technical leadership is our philosophy of standing behind our products.

Bromma is a company that customers can rely on.

Core Values


To be the #1 global supplier of spreaders and associated equipment and services for container handling. 


To win the trust and partnership of our customers by continuously improving the productivity and reliability of their container handling operations.


Communication: Listen Well. This is the first step to responding quickly to customer needs.

Innovation: Innovation is an attitude in the mind we at BROMMA maintain at all levels.

Quality: BROMMA symbol stands for quality. This is the reflection of our quality commitment.


Bromma spreader manufacturing plant has the largest capacity in world.

Dedicated to spreader manufacturing, the plant reflects a company-wide commitment to excellence in design and manufacturing – a commitment that has resulted in Bromma’s ISO3834, ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 management system for all manufacturing sites. Bromma factories use a combination of automated rapid arc welding and manual welding.

Bromma’s welding is mainly carried out in specially designed jigs, in order to get the best welding performance possible. Welding is a skilled craft and quality welding is standard on Bromma spreaders. One reason for this is Bromma’s rigorous inspection and quality control program. At Bromma, welding inspection is performed according to international standards. Prior to delivery, every Bromma spreader undergoes extensive functional testing, where components such as twistlocks, flipper arms and telescopic movements are run in a longtime test.

Finally, a complete pre-delivery inspection is performed before delivery.

A History of Innovation

At Bromma, innovation is a tradition, the product of a value-driven engineering culture. At Bromma R&D in Stockholm, the goals are clearly defined: higher productivity (higher container moves per hour),greater reliability (lower downtime),simple, service- friendly design, ease-of-use in operation and diagnostics, environmental leadership, and safety

Bromma Research & Development department


The first telescopic spreader in the world produced for Gothenburg, New York (Port Elizabeth), Glasgow and Zebrugge


First Twin-Lift spreader


First RTG spreader (EH8)


The first 45´spreader delivered to Hong Kong


First Smart spreader


First separating twin-lift spreader to Felixstowe (EH195)


First all-electric spreader delivered to Felixstowe


First Tandem spreader


First all-electric separating twinlift ship to shore spreader STS45E


Launch of GreenzoneTM


First Automated Lashing Platform (ALP) delivery


1960 Bromma Smides och Mek. registered 1960-10-05.

1967 The first telescopic spreader in the world produced for Gothenburg, New York (Port Elizabeth),Glasgow and Zeebrugge.

1981 Nordstjeman acquires Bromma Smides och Mek. Verkstad AB.

1984 Bromma GmbH established in Germany. The plant in Vallingby extended.

1985 Bromma Conquip AB registered 1985-08-05. The premises in Vallingby expands.

1986 The North American spreader manufacturer Ropco was acquired and Bromma, Inc. starts manufacturing spreaders in North America. Break-through in Hong Kong introduction of the light weight spreader.

1987 Bromma spreaders produced in USA. The American organization expands and premises re acquired. License production in Korea.

1989 Zetterbergs industi AB acquires Bromma Conquip. The first major order (MGM) is received for delivery to the Port of Singapore and Hong Kong.

1989 Bromma Far East established in Singapore.

1990 Conquip International established in North America.

1991 Bromma Conquip (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. starts manufacturing in Singapore. Conquip International receives its first major order.

1994 Bromma conquid is awarded the SS-ISO9001 certificate.

1996 Bromma (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd starts manufacturing in Ipoh, Malaysia.

1999 Bromma Conquip is awarded the “Swedish Steel Prize”, handed over by the King of Sweden.

2003 Tandem 45 introduced.

2007 Bromma releases first all electric separating twinlift ship to shore spreader STS45E.

2007 Bromma head office moves to new location in Stockholm.

2007 Bromma’s releases the next generation spreader control system- Bromma SCS3 that makes possible fast and specific fault diagnosis and the opening up of a new area of functionality- spreaders prognostics.

2012 The 2000th all electric yard spreader delivered. More than 90% of all yard spreader deliveries from Bromma is all-electric.

2015 Bromma launches the first automatic lashing platform (ALP) in the world.