Bromma Hawkeye is a spreader-based camera platform that seamlessly integrates advanced vision technology with spreaders, aiming to improve operational efficiency and elevate safety. Designed with our customers’ needs in mind, Bromma Hawkeye offers a range of applications to meet your specific requirements. From recognizing the container IDs to detecting container damages and identifying accidental twin lifts, when the spreader is in single lift position, our platform has you covered.

Use Cases

Hawkeye OCR

Scan and recognize container IDs for more precise and accurate container handling. With Bromma’s spreader based OCR you get the container ID information fully integrated with the operational data from the spreader, allowing simple integration with your different applications, such as TOS. 

Accuracy for precise handling Our OCR technology provides up to 97% recognition accuracy and delivers reliable and trust-worthy data when scanning container IDs. The application is available for STS, Yard and Mobile Equipment spreaders.
Cost-effective solution Our solution is much more cost-effective compared to traditional crane OCR applications. Enjoy the advantages of advanced OCR technology at a fraction of the cost, making Bromma Hawkeye OCR the smart and economical choice for your container handling needs.
Eliminate the errors Bromma Hawkeye OCR eliminates the need for manual intervention, providing a seamless and error-free container ID feeding process. Our reliable OCR application ensures consistent and accurate data capture, enabling smooth and uninterrupted operations.

Hawkeye Streaming

Empower crane operators with clear and real-time views from the spreader-based cameras, even in challenging weather conditions.

Enhanced safety and situational awareness By providing clear and real-time video streams to the crane cabin, operators can closely monitor container handling processes, identify potential hazards and make informed decisions to mitigate risks.
Uninterrupted visibility in any weather Whether it's heavy rain, fog or low-light situations, our advanced cameras designed to withstand harsh environments deliver clear and reliable streaming feeds, enabling operators to make informed decisions with confidence.

Hawkeye Container Damage Detection

Capture high-resolution container roof images and document the evidence of the container’s condition before and after shipping to help with insurance claims.

Hassle-Free damage inspection
Help with insurance claim

Hawkeye TTDS

Detect Twin Twenty Detection System (TTDS) conditions with Hawkeye TTDS. Its spreader-mounted camera and advanced AI software enable effective detection in a wide range of situations.

Prevent Accidents Accidental twin lifts can lead to catastrophic accidents and container damage. With Hawkeye TTDS, you can rest assured that such incidents are prevented. The system's AI software and camera-based technology ensure reliable detection, alerting operators to potential TTDS conditions and prompting corrective action.
Increase Operational Efficiency Eliminating accidental twin lifts minimizes downtime caused by incidents, reduces the need for corrective actions, and ensures a smooth workflow.

Give your spreaders accurate and precise vision with Bromma Hawkeye

Boost productivity with accuracy

Installation to any spreader type (STS, Yard or Mobile Equipment)

Easy integration with other systems

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