Bromma Climate Commitment

Bromma has been a forerunner in our industry, introducing the environmental friendly, all-electric yard crane spreader more than 20 years ago (in 2001). Since then Bromma all-electric spreaders have become the preferred choice for yard crane applications.. Today Bromma is on another transformational journey: we are developing more sustainable solutions to help our industry achieve their environmental objectives.

Our climate ambition

Bromma, as a part of Cargotec, is committed to an initiative to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C – by cutting down greenhouse emissions by 50 percent from a 2019 base year by 2030. We believe that we can achieve this together: by developing solutions to enable a low-carbon economy and by taking action ourselves. By 2030 Bromma’s ambition is to reduce carbon footprint across all three emission scopes. In order to achieve these targets, we are planning several ambitious initiatives related to materials supply and use, Bromma’s own operations, and the use of our products. 

Materials Supply & Use ambitions

  • Integration of CO2 reduction criteria in Bromma sourcing decisions
  • Evaluation of fossil-free steel for inclusion in Bromma spreaders (partnership with SSAB)

Own operations ambitions

  • Evaluation, reduction, and replacement of the energy used across Bromma
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Program across Bromma
  • Company-wide use of electric vehicles

Use of spreaders ambitions

  • Boosting our all-electric offering for all crane spreader applications
  • Further developing energy-efficient solutions for hydraulic spreaders

Bromma Comparative Analysis

Our comprehensive comparative analysis demonstrates the significant environmental benefits of adopting electric spreaders and how they support a cleaner, more resilient global supply chain. Download our comparative analysis of net carbon emissions for Bromma STS spreaders.

Bromma Carbon Footprint Declaration

Take a look at  Bromma carbon footprint declaration, which summarizes the results of a life cycle assessment (LCA) conducted for Bromma’s hydraulic and  all-electric spreaders in both STS and Yard crane spreader range.

All-electric spreaders help to reach your sustainability goals

It is our aim to help you help our customers reach their sustainability goals and efficiently decrease their carbon footprint. We aim to do it by creating an easy way to transition from operating hydraulic spreaders to all-electric options. In addition to that, we keep on developing solutions, which optimize energy consumption on our hydraulic spreaders. We aim to offer all-electric options for all crane spreader applications and energy optimization solutions for the hydraulic spreader fleet within the next few years. 

Ship-to-Shore Spreader

Bromma STS45E G2 PLUS

  • An all-electric twin-lift yard crane spreader
  • Up to 90% reduced energy consumption compared to hydraulic spreader
  • More silent in operation
  • Eliminates the risks related to hydraulic oil leakage
  • The fastest STS all-electric spreader in the market

Yard Spreader

Bromma YSX40 & 45E

  • An all-electric yard crane spreader
  • 85% reduced energy consumption compared to a hydraulic spreader
  • More silent in operation
  • Eliminates the risks related to hydraulic oil leakage
  • Over 5000 units delivered worldwide


PLUS Energy Saver for hydraulic spreaders can help to create an impact too

PLUS Energy Saver is an improved version of a Bromma Standard Powerpack for crane spreaders.  This efficient solution can decrease hydraulic spreader energy consumption by 30%. PLUS Energy Saver is available for most hydraulic spreader models as an option and as a retrofit. Here are some of the key benefits: 

✔️ Reduced CO2 emissions
✔️ Low noise in a standby mode
✔️ Less oil consumption due to smaller hydraulic tank

✔️ Smart system: switch to standby mode when spreader is idle 


Bromma is aiming to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and products. We are striving to help our customers reach their sustainability goals and reduce CO2 emissions by developing an all-electric spreader portfolio. By partnering with Bromma you can be confident that you are investing in the environment of tomorrow.