Innovations for  smarter, safer, and more efficient terminal operations 

Bromma has a tradition of innovation. It is the reason why we are a forerunner of technological development in spreaders today. Our spreader innovations increase the safety and productivity of terminals around the world.

Spreaders fitted with our innovations can be aptly called smart spreaders.

A smart spreader can, for example, automatically prevent accidents, scan containers IDs, and monitor its own health. These options – and many more – are available for both new spreader orders and as upgrades for older units already in service. 

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What’s possible with Bromma Smart Spreaders?

Accident Prevention System

The Accident Prevention System is designed to sense whether the spreader is holding onto a container during operation. The system helps you improve accident prevention in automated terminals by providing accurate information of what’s actually happening under the spreader.

Bromma Hawkeye

Bromma Hawkeye is a streaming and scanning system that creates a safer work environment and increases container handling efficiency. Hawkeye camera configurations can be flexibly installed on any and all crane spreader applications to best fit your needs. They allow you to generate video streams onto an operator display.

The video streams can also be further processed through additional Hawkeye applications, such as OCR or Streaming.

Hawkeye OCR

Hawkeye OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is an on-spreader container ID detection system. It automatically scans, reads, and records the ISO codes located on top of containers during the crane’s handling time.

The data retrieved by the Bromma Hawkeye OCR can be sent to the crane PLC or to other systems for further analysis. The system increases container position traceability and improves stack management efficiency.

Damage Detection Container

The Damage Detection Container is a Hawkeye application that efficiently identifies damaged containers. The application automatically takes pictures of the handled container’s top and sends it to the cloud for analysis. The images can then be reviewed on demand in the Bromma Spreader Monitoring System.

Bromma Spreader Monitoring System

The Bromma SMS is a complete, web-based system that gives you control over your entire spreader fleet’s operations. The system consists of several different modules that enable real-time troubleshooting, maintenance, and operations planning.

Load Sensing System

Bromma’s Load Sensing System helps you cut lead times by weighing containers during the crane’s normal lifting cycle. This allows you to skip separate weighing procedures – such as weighbridges – and creates a smoother flow of containers through the terminal. The system also enables important functions for monitoring the lifting operation and avoiding accidents.

Twin-Twenty Detection System

The Twin-Twenty Detection System prevents accidents by assisting the crane operator in detecting a specific, dangerous situation. The system is designed to detect when a spreader positioned to lift one 40-foot container is placed over two 20-foot containers instead. It works by identifying the gap between two neighbouring 20-foot containers.

Bromma’s TTDS technology revolves around seven photoelectric sensors that activate only when the spreader is in the 40-foot position. If the sensors detect a gap, i.e. when there are two 20-foot containers under the spreader, the TTDS notifies the spreader’s PLC. This then activates an interlocking action that prevents locking onto the two 20-foot containers when in single-mode and in the 40-foot position.

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