Spare Parts

Preserve and protect your spreader fleet through genuine spare parts

Genuine spare parts

Container handling is one of the toughest operations there is. The stresses on equipment are massive, and so are the consequences of component failure. Non-genuine spares may not be tested to withstand the demands of terminal operations and can end up being a costly mistake.

Bromma genuine spare parts keep your spreader at the same uncompromising level of performance. They are made to withstand constant punishment in the harshest conditions, from corrosive environments to extremes of temperature and humidity. Simply put, if it’s not a Bromma part, it’s not built for the job.

Order spare parts online

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Spare part kits

Besides a huge number of different parts Bromma can also offer spare parts kits – containing the spare parts for the most often replaced modules/components.

  • Easier to order. (Only one article number)
  • Faster delivery. (Pre-packaged in regional spare part hubs)
  • Quality improvement. (Including parts to be replaced)
  • Easy to replace. (Including detailed assembly instructions)

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