Bromma Mobile Harbour Cranes as the top choice for terminals worldwide

Wherever mobile or jib cranes are in operation, Bromma spreaders are a common sight.  Container terminals worldwide, whether in emerging economies or developed ones, share common goals of reliability, efficiency, and productivity in equipment selection. Bromma’s mobile harbor crane (MHC) spreaders have become the preferred choice, delivering unmatched reliability and performance in the most demanding container terminals. Here is why: 

Reliability and Productivity:

  • Bromma spreaders are renowned for their unmatched reputation for reliability in terminals where reliability is essential.
  • The family of Mobile Harbour Crane spreaders caters to various lifting requirements, ensuring the right spreader for every terminal’s needs.  Our range  includes single-lift options such as the EH5U spreader [capable of handling 20’ or 40’ containers]; the EH12U singlelift lightweight spreader; and the MSX45 spreader [also capable of handling 45’ containers.] For terminals seeking higher productivity from each lift, Bromma offers a twinlift mobile harbor crane spreader EH170U [capable of handling two 20’ containers].

Feature-Rich Design:

  • Bromma’s Mobile Harbour Cranes spreaders offer tower and gravity point adjustment, sliding assembly, and a versatile six side-flipper arm configuration for enhanced container handling.
  • Intelligent design combines high lifting capacity with low nominal tare weight, ensuring extended durability.

Lower Downtime, Increased Uptime:

  • Bromma’s control and communications technology reduces downtime events, shortens downtime duration. With Bromma SMS available for Mobile Harbour Cranes spreaders, it is possible to troubleshoot potential spreader issues in real-time and planning maintenance becomes easier.
  • The rugged design ensures smooth performance even in challenging terminal environments, contributing to higher efficiency.

Container Handling in challenging environments:

  • Bromma spreaders are designed to thrive in the tough physical environment of container handling, ensuring productivity, reliability, and durability.
  • Engineering excellence addresses details like ISO floating twistlocks, telescopic motion control, and simplified design for reduced maintenance.

Bromma Services:

Backed by the strongest service organization in the spreader industry, Bromma provides comprehensive support throughout the equipment lifecycle. Services include quick availability of spare parts, preventive and corrective maintenance, and knowledge products from advanced SCS technology.

    Greater Return on Investment:

    Bromma’s commitment to reliability, productivity, and lower operational costs results in a higher return on mobile harbor crane investment. Terminal growth is supported through reduced downtime, increased operational efficiency, and a focus on the full spectrum of spreader value. 

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