Bromma Height Indication System: The Solution for Safe and Precise Container Handling

The Bromma Height Indication System (HIS) – the ultimate solution for safe and efficient container handling. The system accurately measures the distance between the spreader and the container, providing real-time signals to the crane operator to decelerate and avoid hard landings on containers. This can help to avoid slack ropes and reduced wear and tear on the spreader.

Landing in ship cells or using jib-crane spreaders can be challenging for crane operators, making it difficult to visually gauge the remaining distance. The Bromma HIS eliminates this issue, making it easy for operators to land containers safely and efficiently. This system is reasonably priced and can be easily adapted to all spreaders – Bromma or other brands –  as an option. 

How does it work? 

The system is based on ultrasonic sensors, providing real-time indication to the crane operator of the spreader’s approach to a container. It can also be implemented in the crane logic to slow the hoist down as the spreader descends upon a container.

Safety is our top priority, which is why we have chosen two sensors for redundancy purposes. The indicating signal is triggered if either one of the sensors detects an object below the spreader. The sensors are of two different models, so they will not interfere with each other’s operating frequencies.

Flexibility is key, and the Bromma HIS system is highly configurable. The range of the system can be set to suit the ramp of the hoist on the current crane by adjusting the sensors at the desired operating range. Additionally, by using two sensors, the height indication signals can be set at two different heights, helping to reduce the hoisting speed in steps.

Upgrade your container handling operation with the Bromma  Height Indication System (HIS) today and experience the difference in safety and precision.

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