Bromma introduces SCS-Modular spreader control system

Listening well is one of the Bromma’s values, which is why we try to respond quickly to customers requests to provide solutions to fit their needs.  Bromma’s new spreader control system, SCS-Modular, allows customers to pick and choose from a smorgasbord of spreader control system functionalities that will provide them with the information needed to monitor, track, understand and lift the performance of entire spreader fleet. Only paying for the functionalities, which are needed. 

SCS-Modular is a spreader control system, which offers a range of different features stretching from basic spreader control to a full-fledged system including diagnostics, connectivity and an on-board information display. SCS-Modular consists of Spreader Control Unit (SCU) – the core functionality needed to control and operate a Bromma spreader and additional modules, which can be selected to add more functionalities to SCU. 

There are four modules to choose from:

1. Remote Monitoring & Log Unit – visualises spreader data, which can then be viewed from a laptop, phone or tablet. 

2. Spreader Information Display – a separate display screen that can be mounted on a spreader giving you access to critical spreader information.

3. Spreader Control Box – allows  to easily test the spreader functionalities when it is not in operation, for example when it is being serviced. 

4. Bromma Telematic Unit allows to track and capture every movement of  a spreader digitally. This information is then held in the Bromma Cloud and can be used by other modules or systems.

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For more information:

Lars Meurling, Vice-President, Marketing, Bromma, Stockholm, Sweden

Email:; Phone: +468.620.0900

Julia Dolgopolova, Marketing Manager, Bromma, Stockholm, Sweden

Email:; Phone: +468.620.0900

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