Bromma is taking next steps in introducing carbon-neutral steel in our products

Bromma is continuing its collaboration with SSAB, a Swedish steel manufacturer, in our joint effort to reduce the impact on climate in cargo handling solutions.

As part of this partnership, Bromma and SSAB are working on a project to implement the use of fossil-free steel, which uses hydrogen in the production process instead of coal and coke, combined with 100% renewable electricity. Known as the Hybrit steel project, this innovative technology is currently in the development and testing phase, with plans to start volume production by 2026.

Bromma is currently evaluating the characteristics of the Hybrit steel, including fatigue tests and comparisons to conventional steel, to ensure that it meets the high standards required for use in our products.

In addition to the Hybrit steel project, Bromma is also evaluating SSAB Zero™, a fossil carbon emission-free recycled steel. The plan is to build the first spreader using SSAB Zero™ during this year.

SSAB Zero™ has zero fossil carbon emissions (less than 0.05 kg CO2e emissions per kg steel in scope 1 and 2) in operations, including purchased energy and transportation. SSAB practices market-based emission factors for the electricity used and may secure fossil-free electricity through electricity guarantees of origin. Fossil fuels remain in the ground as SSAB has implemented a system to manage and ensure the correct source and use of alternatives connected to the production of SSAB Zero™. Only recycled steel is used as a raw material, which means SSAB Zero™ supports the circular economy.

The partnership between Bromma and SSAB contributes to our shared commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon footprint.

“Reducing our carbon footprint is a key priority for Bromma, and we are proud to continue our collaboration with SSAB in this important work. We believe that by working together, we can drive real change in the industry and create a more sustainable future.” – says Dr. Mansoor Khurshid, Head of Structural Science, Bromma. 


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