Bromma partners with world leading university

Over the past several years the height, hoist speed and acceleration in container cranes have increased at the same time as the average container has gotten heavier. The challenge for spreader suppliers is to keep up with the development and to assure that the equipment supplied is fit for purpose and conforms to standards.

Bromma is since 2017 cooperating with world leading technical university, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, in Stockholm around “optimized lightweight steel structures” and “simulation of welding distortions in manufacturing”.

The collaboration between the two world leaders is as of Dec 1, 2017 further extended. Brommas Structural Calculation Specialist, Mansoor Khurshid, PhD has been appointed Affiliated Faculty in lightweight structures at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Department of Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering. The appointment is for the period from Dec 2017 to April 2020 and the position is held on a part time basis as part of his employment at Bromma. Dr Khurshid will contribute with his extensive experience to the academic work as part of a team performing research in the area of lightweight constructions. “This is an excellent opportunity for Mansoor personally and for Bromma to get access to cutting edge academic expertise and tools”, says Lars Meurling, VP Marketing at Bromma. “Combining the academic research done in the university with our experiences and challenges from the industrial environment is very interesting. This cooperation will play an instrumental role when we develop the future generations of spreaders”, he continues.

“An affiliated faculty appointment is a strategic instrument with which both KTH and Bromma can strengthen and influence the direction and focus of a research area, and support education at KTH. Bromma will benefit from this by involvement in several research projects and access and collaboration to highly qualified researchers and graduate students. This will enable Bromma to design lightweight and structurally optimized spreaders with state-of the art scientific engineering methods. We at KTH are very pleased to formalize this collaboration with Bromma where transfer of knowledge and research findings is an essential part of contributing to the partner companies and the society”, says Assoc. Prof. Zuheir Barsoum KTH (Chairman Comission XIII, International Institute of Welding).

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