Bromma PLUS – When the expectations are a little bit more

Brommas new spreader line Bromma Plus will be introduced at TOC Europe in Rotterdam.Bromma Plus builds on Brommas history, reputation and ambition to be providing highly performing spreaders of highest quality. Bromma Plus includes everything the Bromma brand promises – Plus a little bit more.

New innovations will be introduced on the Plus line first, frequently wanted options will be included as standard and the already high finish may be polished just a little bit more. This is the Bromma Plus product line.

The first product to be introduced is the YSX45E Plus. Based on the common Bromma product naming nomenclature the all-electric, single-lift, 45 foot telescoping yard care spreader will be introduced to the market in TOC Europe.Based on the existing YSX45E specification, the YSX45E Plus includes the following additional features

  • Stronger Telescoping and Twistlock drives
  • Higher SWL (51 tons)
  • Several options included as standard
  • Extended warranty terms
  • Design prepared for the options specifically recommended for automatic yard crane spreaders (landed- hold, redundant telescoping position, auto lubrication, Hawkeye camera platform, ….)

“With the introduction of Bromma Plus and the first model YSX45E Plus, we are setting a new standard for the highest demanding applications and customers”, says Alf-Gunnar Karlgren, Vice President of Spreader Solutions in Bromma. “Bromma Plus will provide our customers with the latest innovations and the additional things that you want in the highest demanding terminals and operations, automation being one of them”, he continues.

Contact Information

Lars Meurling, Vice-President, Marketing, Bromma, Stockholm, Sweden Email:; Phone: +468.620.0900

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