Bromma support during COVID-19 outbreak

Dear Business partner,

In these difficult times it is important for all of us to work together in order to maintain operations of the critical infrastructure we are supporting. Ports and terminals are essential parts of the transportation network providing the means for shipping of critical safety and healthcare material, food supply and later when the pandemic slows down, components to re-establish the fundaments of the global economy.

As one of your equipment suppliers, Bromma will do our utmost to support in difficult times. We have taken precautionary actions to secure spare parts supply through either of our spare parts hubs globally. We have established the possibility to open up a back-up hub in Europe in case our main European hub is unable to deliver the service level needed. In addition, we have also made sure to have access to some critical parts from yet another of our facilities. All this to make sure we can support you when you need it.

Our office based personnel are under the current circumstances in order to minimize risk either working from home offices or as split teams. In all cases we are following the national healthcare guidelines and recommendations. All our personnel are however available and ready to support you.

Despite the mitigating activities we have taken, we believe it is a good idea for individual terminals to review the existing stock levels for spare parts. The lead time for critical parts may be longer than normal due to possible limitations in goods transportation to and from our hubs.

One limitation that we are not able to overcome is the travel restrictions imposed by individual countries. This means that we may not be able to support you on site but we are committed to support you to the best of our ability remotely. This is the time when we can utilise the functions, which our digital tools and communication systems offer.

Don’t hesitate to contact your local Bromma representative for spare parts requests or for on-line remote support where the infrastructure is in place.


Lars Meurling

Marketing Communications Director

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