CSP Iberian Valencia Terminal improves spreaders productivity with Bromma SMS

Bromma Spreader Monitoring System (Bromma SMS) provides users with the insight needed to optimise spreader performance and thereby improved crane productivity. The system was introduced in late 2019 with a majority of the first wave terminal users “connecting” to the system in the second half of 2020. Any Bromma spreader can be connected to the system but a specific communication modem is needed to establish the connection. Most Bromma spreaders are equipped with such modems since 2018 and older spreaders can be upgraded.

CSP Iberian Valencia Terminal customer case

CSP Iberian Valencia Terminal (CSPV), is one of the busiest terminals in the Mediterranean with a throughput of 2.7 MTEU in 2020. The 20 STS cranes are equipped with Bromma STS45 spreaders. CSPV was one of the first terminals to adapt and start using SMS. Very early in the discussions with Bromma, the terminal realised the potential benefits with the system and were eager to get their spreaders “connected”. A contract with ten spreaders in the initial scope and “visible” in SMS were signed in September 2020. In order for the terminal to quickly see the benefits and advantages of the system and optimise the software, regular meetings between terminal representatives and Bromma experts were organised. These meetings soon turned into constructive discussions between the parties on how to utilise the system to optimise maintenance operations. Optimising the performance of the spreader has a direct influence on berth productivity

Changed behavior and daily routines

With the introduction of SMS, CSP Valencia have improved their daily routines and approach to spreader maintenance. When terminal used to take profit of 24/7 service records, CSPV can today get direct feedback from Bromma SMS and update plans the day ahead. The SMS dashboard gives an instant overview of the health status of all the spreaders in the fleet, which ones need immediate attention and which are the ones to use in operation. When a problem has occurred, a notification is sent to the maintenance staff. The system will provide valuable detailed information on the problem including recommendations on what to do to rectify the problem. This saves a lot of time since the staff can go to the crane and bring the right tools to fix the problem immediately instead of first finding out what the issue is.

The information provided in SMS leads to permanent productivity improvement.

The future

During the past year, the wave of digitalization has broken through all walls of resistance. Many things in our daily lives have changed and it is likely that many of the new behaviors will stay. Connected equipment will enable suppliers to better support customers throughout the equipment life cycle.

“Bromma SMS is a solution not only for today but also for the future. The architecture allows us to continue developing the service, keeping existing installations up-to-date and enabling the users of our equipment to take part of our deep spreader knowledge in their daily operation”, says Peter Cederholm, President of Bromma.

Download customer case leaflet

Bromma SMS is a real-time monitoring tool, which provides an instant view of the health of
every spreader in fleet. Download customer case leaflet to learn more how Bromma SMS helps terminals to improve productivity and save time. 

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