Khalifa port container terminal stays Bromma

Bromma has been selected to deliver the spreaders for the automatic stacking cranes to be commissioned at Khalifa Port Container Terminal in Abu Dhabi later this year. A total of 60 all-electric, YSX45E single-lift spreaders will be delivered for the expansion of the existing terminal.

“I am extremely proud to get this order as it is a repeat order after the first phase. It proves that our equipment is performing well and the customer is happy” says Vikram Raman, VP Sales & Service EMEA. “We know we have excellent products well suited for operations in automated environments but an equally important part is the service provided by the local Bromma team”, he continues.

Bromma Marketing Director Lars Meurling comments: “The YSX40/45E is by far the most used spreader in automated terminals in the world today. The robust design combined with specific features required in an automated environment makes these spreaders the best choice for automatic stacking cranes”.

All-electric spreaders dominate the yard

More than 90% of the spreaders for RTG, RMG and ASC operation from Bromma today are all-electric. Bromma all-electric spreaders are being specified by customers due to their inherent reliability, as well as their environmental and economic benefits. Due to fewer service points, lighter weight, and the absence of any hydraulics, Bromma all-electric spreaders have higher availability, simplified maintenance requirements, require less power, produce fewer emissions, and offer tough durability.

About Bromma

Bromma is the world leader in crane spreaders. In more than 50 years of continuous operations, Bromma has delivered crane spreaders to 500 terminals in 90 nations on 6 continents, and Bromma spreaders are in service today at 99 out of the world’s largest 100 container ports. Bromma is the industry market leader in ship-to-shore spreaders, mobile harbor crane spreaders, and yard crane spreaders. A pioneer in the container handling industry, Bromma is focused on lifting the productivity of its customers through more reliable spreaders, and Bromma’s industry-leading all-electric spreaders and various port productivity applications are part of this continuing effort.

Contact Information 

Lars Meurling, Vice-President, Marketing, Stockholm, Sweden Email:; Phone: +468.620.0900
Therese Westerudd, Marketing Manager, Bromma, Stockholm, Sweden Email:; Phone: +468.620.0900

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