Prevent Accidents with Bromma Landed and Hold Indication System

When it comes to operating cranes and handling containers, accident prevention is of the utmost importance. One way to ensure accident prevention in your operation is by using the Bromma Landed and Hold Spreader Indication System. The standard landed pin assembly is used to determine the landed status of the spreader and mechanically block any twistlock motion if not properly landed. However, the Bromma Landed and Hold spreader option takes things one step further by using a longer landed pin that “senses the corner casting” when the spreader is hoisted and locked.

The actual position of the landed pin is detected by proximity switches and the corresponding information is sent to the crane’s PLC, where the appropriate hoist permit can be implemented. This helps prevent accidents in operations if the spreader is accidentally locked outside the corner castings.

The Landed and Hold is an optional spreader feature that provides an extra layer of safety in container moves. During a lifting operation, the system will send a warning signal if the twistlocks are locked but are not lifting the container in any of the corners.

By using the Bromma Landing and Hold Indication System, you can have peace of mind knowing that your operations are safer and more efficient. Upgrade your equipment today and protect your employees, cargo and equipment.


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