Digital Services Privacy Policy

When using SMS, your employer company or another company that has acquired a license from Bromma for the SMS (the “Customer”) has access to your personal data entered into SMS and may access and process it subject to the applicable laws and agreements from time to time within the scope of their license. Furthermore, when using SMS, you may have access to other persons’ personal data entered into SMS. You acknowledge and agree that any access and/or use by you of such personal data shall be made in accordance with applicable laws and relevant Customer policies and practices that may govern the access and use of such personal data.

When processing your or other persons’ personal data in SMS, to which the Customer has access, the Customer acts as a data controller and is therefore responsible for determining the purposes and means of processing such personal data and fulfilling its respective obligations under applicable laws. You expressly agree and acknowledge that it is solely the Customer’s responsibility to (a) inform the data subjects of any relevant Customer policies and practices that may impact the processing of personal data; (b) obtain any rights, permissions or consents from the data subjects that are necessary for the lawful use of personal data; and (c) inform and specify the purpose of processing of personal data. You acknowledge that you should direct any inquiries in respect of the use of personal data by you or the Customer to the respective contacts of the Customer.

Bromma shall act as a data processor in respect of your personal data entered into SMS or otherwise supplied to Bromma for the purpose of providing SMS on behalf of the data controller. Bromma, as a data processor, shall process personal data in accordance with the data controller’s instructions and applicable laws and regulations.

For the sake of clarity, Bromma may process personal data entered into SMS also in the role of data controller when deciding the purposes for which, and the means by which, such personal data is processed. More information on how Bromma processes personal data as a data controller, including information on how long and for what purposes Bromma processes personal data, is available on