The great traction continues for Bromma

Significant growth was seen in both sales and order intake for Bromma in the first half of 2019 compared to the corresponding period in 2018. Even though the company enjoys a very high market share, it is assumed that given the high order intake, in fact market share has increased.

“We have strengthened our position on the already strong EMEA market, maintained the position in Americas and we have continued to build confidence and position in China. 2019 has certainly had a kick-start for us and we do not see any short-term slow down” says Lars Meurling, Marketing Director at Bromma. ”Some dark clouds in the global horizon start to appear but the pace we have right now is certainly good and only in the positive direction”, he continues.

Larger orders received Jan-Jun 2019 include:

  • An order for 60 YSX45E spreaders has been received for Abu Dhabi Terminals, Port Khalifa
  • Orders for 12 STS45 , 27 YSX45E and 3 YTS45E spreaders have been received for Shenzhen Haixing Harbor Development
  • Orders for 8 STS45 spreaders and 20 YSX45E spreaders have been received for Yilport, Peurto Boliviar; Equador
  • An order for 20 YSX45E yard spreaders has been received for Georgia Ports Authority
  • Orders for 10 STS45 spreader and 12 YTS45 spreaders have been received for PTP, Malayisa
  • An order for 12 YSX40E spreaders has been received for Port of Felixstowe
  • 11 YSX45E spreaders has been ordered for HHLA, CTA Hamburg
  • An order for 6 STS45 spreaders has been received for MPET, Antwerp
  • 6 STS45 spreaders has been ordered for Ningbo Beilun Intl Container Term, China 

Performance Upgrades

The interest for upgrades of existing equipment is steadily increasing as the demand for performance and safety increases. The most frequently requested performance and safety upgrades include new control system technologies, twin-twenty detection system, height indication system, twistlock based weighing system and serial crane communication.


For further information, please contact:

Lars Meurling, Vice-President, Marketing, Bromma, Stockholm, Sweden, Email:; Phone: +468.620.0900

Julia Dolgopolova, Marketing Manager, Bromma, Stockholm, Sweden, Email:; Phone: +468.620.0900

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