Operate Bromma spreaders more safely

Operate Bromma spreaders even more safely with Accident Prevention System

Safety is at the heart of Bromma’s product development because we understand that preventing potential equipment-related accidents can minimize the risk of injuries, damaged equipment, and all indirect costs related to downtime. To help our customers ensure that container lifting operations are handled under the safest conditions, we are offering Bromma Accident Prevention System – a set of add-on safety features on a spreader, fault alert systems for the yard, quay and Mobile Harbour crane spreaders. 

Accindent Prevention System includes: 

  • Flipper Up/Down Indication System
  • Landed Hold Indication System
  • Redundant Telescopic Position Indication System
  • Headblock Connected Indication System
  • Instability Indication System
  • In-Ship Cells Indication System
  • Overheight Frame (OSR) Connected Indication System
  • Twin-Twenty Detection System (TTDS)
  • Height Indication System (HIS)
  • Load Sensing Indication System

You can read more in detail about accident prevention system here

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