Special offer for Bromma Spreader Monitoring System

In 2020, we all have had to adapt to the new ways of working while at the same time ensuring continuity in our business. With lockdowns and restrictions in our physical environments, we at Bromma want to make it easier for you to find new ways of working and utilize the technology capabilities available. During the rest of 2020 you can connect your spreader fleet to Bromma Spreader Monitoring System with our the special offer.

For any new Bromma SMS contract signed during 2020 we are offering:

  • 50% discount on subscription fee for the first 12 months
  • Digital recomissioning of the equipment: free up-to-date diagnostics software upgrade package including installation training
  • 25% discount on connectivity upgrade kit for older equipment

Are you ready to get insights and recommendations that will improve productivity of your entire fleet? Connect with your local Bromma sales representative to get the details.

This offer is valid until 31 December 2020. 

What is Bromma Spreader Monitoring System?

When you have a Bromma spreader in your fleet – you own an intelligent piece of equipment, which is waiting to be activated. Bromma SMS is a real-time monitoring tool, which provides an instant view of the health of every spreader in fleet. It presents users with real time information of warnings and errors of the equipment together with recommended solutions to ensure swift issue resolution. It also contains a structured overview of planned maintenance and statistics on both fleet and individual spreader levels.

Bromma SMS webinar recording

In May 2020 we have held a webinar and demonstrated Bromma SMS functionalities. If you would like more details how Bromma SMS can support your business, take a look at this webinar recording.