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The Autoconnector distributes power and control signals to the spreader. It consists of an active headblock part with an electrically-driven connecting actuator and a passive spreader part. Both parts are well-protected from mechanical damage and designed for rough weather conditions. All components can be easily assembled, adjusted, removed, and are accessible for inspection and maintenance. The connector blocks are standard Harting® 24 pin Heavy Duty power connectors.

The Bromma Autoconnector system enables significant improvements in safety and efficiency in the process of switching between spreaders in a crane. It is designed to be operated on a ship-to-shore crane to enable quick shifts between spreaders. The spreader shifts can be between a Bromma Tandem spreader and a regular ship-to-shore single-lift or twin-lift spreader, but the system also offers the same benefits with regards to safety and efficiency, when switching between two regular spreaders.