Upgrade Height Indication System – HIS

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The Bromma Height Indication System – HIS, measures the distance between the spreader and the container.

It sends a signal to the crane to decelerate, helping the crane operator avoid a hard landing on the container. This can also help prevent slack rope, and reduce the wear and tear on the spreader.

Benefits of the upgrade


  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased productivity
  • Longer spreader life length as a result of less wear
  • Reduced maintenance need when hard landings are avoided

The HIS is available both as an option for new spreaders and as an upgrade on spreaders already in operation.


Scope of work

The scope of work for the supply and installation of the HIS upgrade includes:

  • Revise existing drawings
  • Revise spreader manuals
  • Revise existing program
  • Install HIS brackets
  • Install HIS sensors
  • Calibrate HIS sensors
  • Wiring according to diagram
  • Download new program (CANopen spreaders)
  • Test operation

Parts included

The following parts are included in the HIS upgrade offer:

  • M12 to M12 cables
  • Relay sockets (for relay-based spreaders)
  • Auxiliary contactors (for relay-based spreaders)
  • Open-end HIS programming cable (for relay-based spreaders)
  • Main frame attachment
  • Ultrasonic sensors

Additional items included in work scope

The following additional items are included in the HIS upgrade:

  • Software update on port’s computer that will be used to connect to the spreader
  • Firmware update of components and/or spreader control systems
  • HIS training

Material & installation leadtime

  • Material leadtime: 5 weeks (Exw Bromma Malaysia)
  • Installation leadtime: 3 days (per spreader)

Price & delivery

  • Please connect with your local Bromma representative for price and delivery leadtime.