Upgrade – YSX40E/45E

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The upgraded YSX40E/45E spreaders are fully electric-driven and used on yard stacking cranes. They have been developed by Bromma to increase operational efficiency, productivity and safety, while reducing maintenance costs.

The upgrade is applicable for YSX40E/45E spreaders delivered from Bromma in or before 2010.

Benefits of the upgrade


  • Reduction in maintenance
  • Higher reliability
  • Easier accessibility for maintenance


Scope of work

The scope of work for the YSX40E/45E upgrade includes:

  • Upgrade the spreader twistlock motor and gearbox
  • Upgrade the spreader telescopic gearbox
  • Modify the spreader program (if applicable)
  • Revise existing drawings
  • Revise spreader manuals
  • Test all functions
  • Conduct training

Parts included

The following are included in the YSX40E/45E upgrade offer:

  • Linkage
    • New design with fixed linkage.
    • Sensors for locked/unlocked signals are now positioned directly at the twistlocks.
    • Motions are now controlled by built-in stops (instead of adjustable sensors).
  • Flange
    • New gearbox design to withstand outer shocks.
    • A robust flange is used and less leverage is obtained with a compact motor.
  • Positioning
    • The motor stops at the defined positions using sensors (as before) but further movement is now prevented by a self- locking gearbox or improved brake positioning.
  • Accessibility
    • The gearbox is top mounted with its motor easily accessible even when in the 20’ position.
    • Motor and plug in box are located on top of the end beam and are protected by a flap cover.

Additional items included in work scope

The following additional items are included in the YSX40E/45E upgrade:

  • Software update on port’s computer that will be used to connect to the spreader (if applicable)
  • Firmware update of components and the spreader control systems (if applicable)

Material & installation leadtime

  • Please contact your local Bromma representative for material and installation leadtime.

Price & delivery

  • Please connect with your local Bromma representative for price and delivery leadtime.