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To handle unevenly loaded containers, a sliding tower assembly allows the gravity lifting point to be adjjusted by 1,200 mm in both directions. When a container is released, the tower will automatically return to the centre position. A versatile six side flipper arm configuration provides the crane operator with an improved ability to locate containers. The side-flipper installation is mounted on an inclined base to eliminate interference with cell guides when flippers are in the upper position. Possible container combinations: 20´, 40´ Bromma EH12U spreader is a single lift mobile harbour crane spreader designed for use on cranes rated to lift less weight. It has a lifting capacity of 35 metric tons evenly loaded combined with low weight to produce better performance without impacting the load curve or the travelling of the crane.

Major Features

  • Lightweight version for lifting capacity of 35 metric tons evenly loaded
  • Tower design with ±1,200 mm gravity point adjustment
  • Versatile six side-flipper arm configuration
  • Shock absorption between telescopic beam and main frame
  • Easy to maintain and long service intervals
  • Fulfils the design criteria of EN13001: HC2, HD1, U6, Q3; DIN 15018 H2 B3 ; FEM 1.001 and British Standard BS 2573


Lifting capacity

  • Twistlock 35 metric tons evenly loaded
  • Twistlocks 30.5 metric tons ±10% eccentric load
  • Lifting lugs 4 x 8.75 metric tons in the main frame and end beams

Gravity point adjustment

  • ±1,200 mm in approximately 20 sec.


  • About 6.9 metric tons (without extra equipment)

Telescopic motion

  • From 20’ to 40’ in approx. 30 sec.

Power supply

  • 400/230 V AC 50 Hz or otherwise as agreed