Hawkeye – Camera Platform

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Bromma Hawkeye is a platform of different kinds of camera configurations prepared and validated for different applications and for installation on all kinds of spreaders. The cameras generates video streams that can be used as is on an operator display or further processed through additional Hawkeye sub-systems, such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), twin-twenty detection and automatic spreader guiding systems.

The Hawkeye platform is Brommas path towards future machine vision technology on-board the spreader. With digital camera feeds from critical positions and powerful processing capabilities, the spreader can provide information to its surroundings, to greatly enhance productivity, enhance process automation as well as prevent costly failures. Cameras has over the past few years been installed on used in yard cranes and especially often in the gentle operation of automatic stacking cranes. Hawkeye stretches the application area of cameras significantly as the design and validation has been focused on the harsh environment of a STS crane spreader. A significant part of the development of Hawkeye has been to identify how to mount cameras on a spreader. Protection of the cameras from impacts as well as methods for reduction of shock and vibration have been developed and verified. Depending on the specific need and functionality the spreaders will be equipped with a suitable configuration of cameras. A setup for Hawkeye OCR on a spreader capable of twn-20 lifting will for instance include two cameras installed symmetrical under the main beam of the spreader in order to facilitate OCR of both single container lift as well as two 20´containers lifted in twin mode.