LED Indicator Lamps

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As an alternative option, the LEDs are dimmable in combination with the Bromma Spreader Control Unit (SCU). This is a very useful functionality in order to prevent the operator from getting dazzled during spreader operations.

Bromma telescopic spreaders can be equipped with LED indicator lamps as an option. These lamps are available in five standard colours, i.e. white, green, red, blue and yellow. One to five LEDs are supplied on fixed or tiltable coated steel plate brackets. New mounting brackets allow lamp adjustment in five different angles from -50o to 50o to increase visibility. As a Bromma standard, the lamps alert the crane driver and port personnel of the following:

  • spreader is landed (standard colour white);
  • spreader is unlocked (standard colour green); or
  • spreader is locked on a container (standard colour red).