MRX100 – Rotator for Mobile Harbor cranes

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The MRX100 is a rotator for use in mobile harbor cranes. It provides high lifting capacity with a low nominal tare weight and is equipped with slip rings and motor for unlimited rotation.

The MRX100 is one of the market’s most versatile and flexible rotators. It is ideal for use on mobile and jib cranes where the wire spacing is approximately 2 m. For this reason, the rotating device is usually fitted to spreaders equipped with gravity point adjustment and tower connection. The MRX100 has a lift capacity of 100 metric tons and a low tare weight of 3.6 metric tons.

This type of rotator ensures that the container can be adjusted into the horizontal position. The rotating device can also be supplied with a hook so that it can handle general cargo, and with the quick-change arrangement, it is easily connected/disconnected to the spreader. Handling efficiency is dependent on the lifting height and the distance between the ropes. The MRX100 rotator can be connected to all kinds of jib cranes with rope distances between 1.2 to 2.3 m. All electrics are well-protected and the hydraulic unit (which comprises the pump, motor, tank, valves and filter) is totally enclosed within the steel structure, ensuring maximum protection from damage.

All Bromma rotators are made from European high quality steel, this ensures a light and robust design. All components can be easily assembled, adjusted, removed, and are accessible for inspection and maintenance.