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The MSX45 spreader is a telescoping single lift mobile harbor crane spreader with high lifting capacity of 41 metric tons combined with low weight. This means better performance with no impact on the load curve or the travelling of the crane.

Possible container combinations: 20´, 40´, 45´

The MSX45 extends from 20´to 45´ with an intermediate stop at 40´. Six powerful hydraulically operated flipper arms are mounted at the ends and sides of the spreader to provide efficient gathering on to a container even when the spreader is rotating.

The spreader is designed in accordance with EN13001. As all Bromma spreaders it is made from European high quality steel, which ensures a light and robust design. The spreader has a user friendly design and all components are easily accessible for inspection and maintenance.

Major Features

  • Tower design with ±1.25 m gravity point adjustment
  • High lifting capacity, 41 metric tons, with low tare weight
  • Six side-flipper arm configuration
  • Bromma standard ISO floating twistlock
  • Proximity switches for positioning of telescopic motion
  • Flipper installation for better protection of the flipper arm in cell guides
  • Shock absorption between telescopic beam and main frame


Lifting capacity (SWL)

  • Twistlocks 41 metric tons evenly loaded
  • Twistlocks 41 metric tons ±10% eccentric load
  • Lifting lugs 4 x 10metric tons in the main frame and end beams

Gravity point adjustment

  • ±1250 mm in 20 sec.

Tare weight

  • 9.3 metric tons (without extra equipment)
  • 9.5 metric tons with flipper actuators

Telescopic motion

  • From 20’ to 45’ in approx. 25 sec.

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