OSR45 – Overheight Frame

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OSR45 is an telescoping overheight frame that provides automatic, fast and safe handling combined with low maintenance time and costs. OSR45 can be delivered in a 20 foot container.

Possible container combinations: 20´, 30´, 40´, 45´, flat+rack

OSR45 is an automatic telescopic 20 to 45 foot overheight frame to be used together with different Bromma or OEM parent spreaders – fixed 20 foot frame or telescopic – in crane, reachstacker or straddle carrier for safer and faster LOLO-handling of flats/bolsters /ISO containers or overheight containers (with cargo extending up to 2,500 mm above the corner pockets).

The OSR45 Overheight Frame is attached under any parent spreader with ISO standard base measure and equipped with matching overheight frame lifting lugs. The cargo is lifted by the twistlocks of the spreader, the overheight frame twistlocks act as “extended legs” to the spreader. This means a much faster and safer handling of goods than with chains.

As the spreader telescopes, the overheight frame telescopes simultaneously, allowing the unit to handle 20, 30, 40 and 45 foot containers with overheight cargo. The OSR45 Overheight Frame is only mechanically operated and requires no power supply or hydraulics, neither for attaching nor operation.

OSR45 is made from European high quality steel, this ensures a light and robust design. All components can be easily assembled, adjusted, removed, and are accessible for inspection and maintenance.