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The Bromma SLV40 is a side lift spreader designed to handle single 20´ and 40´empty containers for masted lift trucks. It is designed to offer outstanding visibility to allow rapidly positioning of the twistlock heads to the containers.

SLV40 is equipped with side shift, telescopic and mechanical pile slope functions that allows it to easily locate containers. The spreader is designed to integrate optimally to the lifting mast with minimal loss of Load Center.

All spreader movements are controlled with 24V proportional valves, providing precise and smooth operation. The spreader is operated from the driver’s cab over serial communication (CANopen) or parallel wiring. Commands are processed by an Electronic Control Unit on the spreader with built in safety logics for container handling.

Major Features

  • Full block stacking with higher visibility
  • 20’ to 40’ at maximum speed with dampening
  • ISO twistlocks
  • ± 600mm side shift
  • Up to ±3° self-levelling
  • Full CANopen bus integrated management
  • Long service intervals and long economic life


Lifting capacity(SWL)

  • 9T model = 9 metric tons
  • 11T model = 11 metric tons

Tare weight

  • 9T model = 3 600 kg (spreader only), ~1 500 kg for the sideshift carriage
    11T model = 4 000 kg (spreader only), ~1 500 kg for the sideshift carriage

ISO twistlocks

  • 90° in less than 1.5 sec. Mechanical & electrical safety interlock system


  • 20’ to 40’ in less than 15 sec. Analogue or digital sensors for damping and telescoping.

Side shift

  • ± 600 mm with smooth control technology

Mechanical pile slope

  • Up to ±3° self-levelling. MPS in side shift carriage in combination with 250 mm float & spring loaded vertical heads.