Spreader Information Display – SID

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The Bromma Spreader Information Display, SID, is a separate display unit installed on the spreader. SID is available as an option for spreaders equipped with the Bromma Spreader Control Unit, SCU. SID provides quick and easy access to vital spreader information and is a helpful tool for fault finding and parameter setting. SID is mounted on a shock and vibration absorbing bracket on the spreader.

Technical features & benefits

  • Capacitive touch screen with optical bonding for fast and easy use, and ideal for harsh environments
  • High contrast and brightness optimized for outdoor use
  • Quick boot-up time results in no delay
  • Visualization of status for sensors and actuators enables easy and fast fault finding
  • Overview of crane communication interface enables exploration of active crane commands, signals and other information
  • Status visualization of spreader control system and its peripherals provides access to current status of nodes, software and hardware versions
  • Interface for settings and parameterization enables easy access to information during maintenance