SRG – Rotator for Yard and STS cranes

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The SRG is a rotator for use in STS and Yard cranes and can handle spreaders of different brands. It rotates the load 90 degrees in both directions and can even turn the load 180 degrees.

The Bromma SRG rotator is intended to be placed between a crane headblock and a yard crane or STS crane spreader to lift and rotate ISO containers and other equipment made for handling by ISO twistlocks. The Bromma SRG rotator is specially designed to rotate the load 185o in one direction and 95o in the other direction. The unit can be adapted to fit the customer’s headblock (standard), or can be equipped with sheaves to fit directly to the wire ropes from the crane trolley (option). Repair and maintenance is simplified through easy access to each component. The Bromma SRG rotator with gravity point adjustment, is fabricated as an all welded, high quality steel construction. The unit is equipped with a wagon and a movable frame for compensation for eccentric loaded containers. The frame is driven by a hydraulic cylinder and can be moved ±1.2 m, which is 10 % of the container length.

All Bromma rotators are made from European high quality steel, this ensures a light and robust design. All components can be easily assembled, adjusted, removed, and are accessible for inspection and maintenance.