Upgrade – Spring Steel Flipper Arm

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Designed to increase productivity by facilitating placement on containers, the Spring Steel Flipper Arm is an alternative to the standard flipper arm.

Comprised of three separate parts, this design expedites parts replacement or repairs. It can be easily mounted on spreaders and is suitable for both gearbox and SB18 application.

The Spring Steel Flipper Arm is available both as an option for new spreaders, or as an upgrade on spreaders already in operation (different types of flipper arms for gearbox and SB18 application).

Benefits of the upgrade

  • The flipper gearbox is protected from high impact collisions.
  • Safety chain between the arm and the scoop ensures that the scoop is secured.
  • Easy parts replacement and repair.
  • Durable with few failure points.
  • Upgrade to Spring Steel Flipper Arm is done without changing existing flipper gearbox.


Scope of work

The scope of work for the supply and installation of the Spring Steel Flipper Arm design upgrade includes:

    • Remove flipper arm from existing gearbox
    • Install new Spring Steel Flipper Arm
    • Test all functions
    • Revise existing drawings
    • Revise spreader manuals

    Parts included

    The following parts are included in the Spring Steel Flipper Arm upgrade offer:

    • Spring Steel Flipper Arm
    • Shim plates
    • Buffers

Additional items included in work scope

The following additional items are included in the Spring Steel Flipper Arm upgrade:

  • Spring Steel Flipper Arm maintenance training/li>

Material & installation leadtime

  • Material leadtime: 5 weeks (Exw Bromma Malaysia)
  • Installation leadtime: 3 days (per spreader, inclusive of testing)

Price & delivery

  • Please connect with your local Bromma representative for price and delivery leadtime.