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EH5U is a telescoping single lift mobile harbor crane spreader designed in close cooperation with major crane manufacturers and operators.

Possible container combinations: 20´, 40´

Bromma offers two versions of the EH5U, one regular and one with increased SWL. With a frame design box construction fabricated in high quality steel, lifting capacity for the regular EH5U is 41 metric tons while the upgraded version has a SWL of 45 metric tons.

The spreader is designed in accordance with EN13001. As all Bromma spreaders it is made from European high quality steel, which ensures a light and robust design. The spreader has a user friendly design and all components are easily accessible for inspection and maintenance.

Major Features

  • Tower design with +/- 1.2 m gravity point adjustment
  • High lifting capacity – low tare weight.
  • Improved telescopic positioning system
  • Six side-flipper arm configuration.
  • Bromma BGS standard ISO floating twistlock.
  • Proximity switches for positioning of telescopic motion.
  • Flipper installation for better protection of the flipper arm in cell guides and with rubber damping in flipper upper position
  • Shock absorption between telescopic beam and main frame
  • Improved cable chain system for tower and telescopic motion
  • Enlarged wear pads on end beam corners
  • Attachment prepared for Bromma TTDS installation


Lifting capacity (SWL)

EH5U – regular:

  • One container 41 metric tons evenly loaded
  • One container 41 metric tons ±10% eccentric load
  • Lifting lugs 4 x 10 metric tons in the main frame and end beams


  • One container 45 metric tons evenly loaded
  • One container 45 metric tons ±10% eccentric load
  • Lifting lugs 4 x 10 metric tons in the main frame and end beams

Gravity point adjustment

  • ±1,200 mm in approx. 20 sec.

Tare weight

  • EH5U – regular: 9 metric tons (without extra equipment)
  • EH5U – SWL 45MT: 9.3 metric tons with flipper actuators

Telescopic motion

  • From 20’ to 40’ in approx. 30 sec.

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