SMS – Spreader Monitoring System

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Turn your spreader data into actionable, impactful insights

With the Spreader Monitoring System we give you a tool that can radically increase your terminal efficiency, both in the short and in the long perspective. The daily services can be planned more efficiently and with higher predictability. Declining performance and other negative trends can be identified at an early stage and addressed before they become real problems.

The Spreader Monitoring System gives you insight into the health of your spreader fleet so you can target actions where they are most needed. Furthermore, the system provides increased safety for the terminal personnel. By identifying a problem before approaching the equipment you reduce the time spent in a potentially hazardous operational area. The ability to do faster troubleshooting increases the operational capabilities of the terminal by reducing downtime during operations. The faster personnel can resolve the problems while servicing the vessel, the less interruptions during operation.

Reasons to choose Bromma Spreader Monitoring System:

Spreader health overview

  • Single view for all spreaders in your fleet

Put first things first

  • Laserlike focus on what needs to be done, and when

Predictable spreader operations

  • Identify decelerating performance and focus preventive service on weak links in order to strengthen the chain

Maximize uptime

  • Statistics on performance and issues to fine tune spreader fleet usage

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Major Features