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The STS45E G2 PLUS all-electric spreader is the ideal mix of environmentally advanced, highly productive, and versatile container handling. It is designed to meet the highest specifications and allow terminal operators to meet their environmental targets with its up 90% reduced energy consumption.

Major Features

  • Up to 90% reduced energy consumption
  • Significantly reduced CO2 emissions footprint compared to a hydraulic spreader
  • Eliminated risk of hydraulic oil leaks
  • Angled end beam corners for easier cell-guide entrance and lower risk of snagging
  • Improved structural strength and fatigue life
  • Fast twin separation 0-1600 mm under the full load
  • Significantly quieter operation due to eliminated hydraulic power pack


Lifting capacity

  • One container 51 metric tons evenly loaded
  • One container 51 metric tons ±10% eccentric loading
  • Twin-lift of two 20’ containers 2 x 32.5 metric tons evenly loaded
  • Lifting lugs 4 x 12.5 metric tons in the main frame and end beams

Separating capacity

  • 0-1600 mm with full load


  • 12.6 metric tons (without extra equipment)

Max Power consumption

  • 11 kW

Telescopic motion

  • Telescopic motion 20’ to 40’ approximately 18 sec.
  • Telescopic motion 20’ to 45’ approximately 21 sec.

Flipper arm speed

  • 180° in approximately 5 sec

Twistlock rotation

  • ISO floating 90o in approximately 1 sec.

Twin-lift unit up/down

  • Approximately 6 sec

Standard twistlock torque

  • Min. 300 Nm

Twin expand/retract

  • Approximately 15 sec.

Power supply

  • 400/230 V AC 50 Hz or otherwise as agreed

Control system

  • SCU, RML, Spreader Information Display and BTU

Design standard

  • EN13001; DIN 15018 H2B4; FEM 1.001; British Standard BS 2573

Mechanical structure calculations criteria

  • Designed based on calculations according to EN13001, U7, Q3, HC2, HD1