Tandem Quattro

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Tandem Quattro offers a high capacity and flexibility, including the ability to handle four 20´ containers at a time – two 20´containers under each spreader – but at a low spreader weight.

Possible container combinations: 20´, 40´, 45´, 4×20´, 2×40´, 2×45´, 2×20´+ 1×40´, 2×20´+ 1×45´

The Tandem Quattro spreader also offers another advantage: the capability to do side shift on individual spreaders, which is useful when the chassis or containers on the ground are not fully lined up in the longitudinal direction. As the Tandem Quattro will never telescope into 20´, the main frame of the individual Tandem spreaders are longer than on a standard telescopic spreader.

The limitation on the Tandem Quattro is that it cannot lift a single 20 ´container alone. As a result, if a 20´container is positioned so that it can only be handled by itself, the Tandem Quattro will need to be changed-out for another spreader that can perform this single-lift. Due to this limitation, the Tandem Quattro is especially well-suited for container terminals that have a high percentage of 40′ and 45′ containers, and a low percentage of 20′ containers that are located in such a way that they need to be loaded/unloaded in single lift mode.

The spreader is designed in accordance with EN13001. As all Bromma spreaders it is made from European high quality steel, which ensures a light and robust design. The spreader has a user friendly design and all components are easily accessible for inspection and maintenance.

Major Features

  • Adjustable for different combinations of 20’, 40’ and 45’ containers.
  • Two 20’ containers can be moved apart from 0 to 1.6 meters (0’–5’) under full load
  • Recessed end beams allow handling of lashing frames and hatch covers
  • Automatic separating and skewing functions
  • Chain system allows for lifting containers of different heights (up to 660 mm)
  • Advanced communications system reduces downtime considerably.
  • Fast trouble shooting


Lifting capacity (SWL)

  • 2 x 51 metric tons
  • 4 x 32.5 metric tons

Tandem separating

  • 1000 mm in 10 sec.

Tare weight

  • Approx. 24 metric tons (without extra equipment)

Telescopic motion

  • From 40’ to 45’ in approx. 16 sec.

Design criteria

  • EN13001; DIN 15018 H2B4; FEM 1.001; British standard BS 2573