TTDS – Twin Twenty Detection System

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The Bromma TTDS – Twin Twenty Detection System, is a tool to assist the crane operator in detecting a dangerous situation of two 20 foot containers under a spreader positioned in the 40 foot position – a very real risk and a potentially dangerous lifting situation. The system is designed to sense the existence of two 20 foot containers in a 40 foot ship cell by detecting the gap between the two containers. Bromma’s TTDS technology revolves around seven photoelectric sensors. Five sensors are used to detect a gap. Two sensors are used to detect the existence of the containers. The TTDS is an accessory for new spreaders but it can also easily be adapted to your old spreaders.

Key reasons to specify TTDS

  • Safety. With TTDS you avoid dangerous lifts of two 20 foot containers in 40 foot position
  • With TTDS you get the ability to detect an unsafe twin-twenty lift even without a gap
  • The “costs” associated with a twin-twenty accident can be high. Accident damage to containers and the spreader, resulting damage to the container ship, with a subsequent delay in the shipping schedule. Financial damages due to loss or breakage of the customer’s container contents. Risk of legal liability damages.

Major Features