Upgrade SCS² CANopen to SCS⁴

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The upgrade from SCS² CANopen to SCS⁴ offers a greater solution for spreader control, monitoring and troubleshooting efficiency.

The SCS⁴ provides users with clear, detailed messages in their native language guiding them on what to do while troubleshooting or on what to look for while monitoring the spreader, unlike the SCS² which only displays error codes.

This accurate diagnostic data is the key to shortening downtime and eliminating the need for time-consuming spreader changeouts.

Operational information, such as events, alarms and trend data, is stored in the SCS⁴ even after the spreader has been disconnected.

This gives service and maintenance personnel the opportunity to review and analyze data in order to further improve spreader productivity.

The sturdy SCS⁴ control system is mounted on the spreader mainframe and is easily accessible to users.

Benefits of the upgrade


  • Backup memory and external battery
    All information including control program, parameters, counters are stored in the backup memory to facilitate the unlikely situation where a screen needs to be replaced. The easily accessible external battery is located behind the SCS⁴ unit.
  • Visualization monitor
    The visualization monitor shows several operational parameters and data. The SCS⁴ comes with a powerful touchscreen monitor that features improved user-friendliness, advanced diagnostics and spreader prognostics.
  • Online tuning
    Users are able to tune spreader parameters online or revert them to factory settings.
  • Display of runtime and spreader data
    Provides detailed information such as events, alarms and log data to help maintenance personnel perform more accurate and efficient maintenance.
  • Communications status of field bus interfaces
    Advanced communications are at the heart of SCS⁴ spreader control. Communications status of field bus interfaces ensures the secure information flow between SCS⁴, spreader and crane.
  • Spreader sensor and valves
    All spreader sensors and valves are displayed on the screen for monitoring accuracy.
  • Compatibility
    The updated technology in the SCS⁴ control system ensures that spreaders will be compatible with future product releases.


Scope of work

The scope of work in the supply and installation of the SCS² CANopen to SCS⁴ upgrade is as listed below:

  • Rewrite program in CoDeSys 3.5 for spreaders/group of spreaders
  • Revise the existing drawings
  • Revise the spreader manuals
  • Remove existing parts that will be replaced
  • Mount and connect all listed parts
  • Install mount for SCS4
  • Install battery
  • Install memory
  • Install SCS⁴ PLC
  • Install new cabling
  • Install software on SCS4
  • Test all functions

Parts included

The following parts are included in the SCS² CANopen to SCS⁴ upgrade offer:

  • SCS⁴ PLC
  • SCS⁴ battery (mounted in the back of the housing)
  • SCS⁴ memory (mounted in the back of the housing)
  • SCS⁴ mount
  • SCS⁴ power cable
  • Converted and updated spreader program
  • X100 Cabinet
  • CANopen cables
  • Ethernet cable
  • CR9056
  • CAN Encoder
  • Bolting plate
  • Plugs
  • Proximity switches

Additional items included in work scope

The following additional items are included in the SCS⁴ upgrade:

  • Software update on port’s computer that will be used to connect to the spreader
  • Firmware update of components and spreader control system
  • SCS⁴ training

Material & installation leadtime

  • Please contact your local Bromma representative for material and installation leadtime.

Price & delivery

  • Please connect with your local Bromma representative for price and delivery leadtime.